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Ever since I was a small child I knew that I wanted a career which involved looking after little ones. I distinctly remember marching around the house as a toddler ensuring all my teddies were fed, dressed & ready for the day. At age 14 I first heard about Norland College & had my heart set on becoming a Norland Nanny. Whilst the huge number of placement hours & intense learning was hard I loved every minute of it, graduating in 2019 with a first class honours degree & a distinction in my Norland Diploma. Since then I have been working full time with families, fulfilling my dream of helping and watching children grow.

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I’ve spent the past 6 years working as a nanny and have always found the best part to be the ability of having a direct positive influence on families as a whole. During my time in this profession I have come across an enormous variety of approaches and styles to parenting. From this I’ve been able to form my own personal view of the best methods to use in a multitude of situations. I strongly believe that in order to parent in a way that gets results, whilst still nurturing your child support & love combined with clear boundaries should to be at the centre of everything.

Through my experience in the early year sector I realised that sleep is a universal problem with every family encountering issues at some point. I found that I was often giving sleep advice at play groups & children’s classes to desperate parents who were looking for help. Whilst my Norland training had armed me with a fantastic toolkit of knowledge for every situation I wanted to gain further insight into the world of children’s sleep coaching so I could assist parents even more. It was during my research into additional sleep training that I discovered the OCN level 6 holistic sleep course. I was instantly drawn to the course due to their holistic approach lining up seamlessly with my core values & beliefs on the best methods to aid children’s development. It was at this point I knew that I wanted to open my own sleep consultancy helping struggling parents.

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