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Our sleep approach

Providing the service your family deserves.

Diddi Dreamers considers many factors when it comes to your child’s sleep. In order to provide the best service to your family I centre every sleep plan to these 5 values.

Diddi Dreamers Love


No matter the issue I know the most important factor to consider when working with families is love. Diddi Dreamers will work with you to ensure your child feels supported and loved every step along the way.
Diddi Dreamers Science


All of our methods are based on scientific findings. I continually research and train within the early years to ensure that the information I provide is current and built on facts.
Diddi Dreamers Family


What makes Diddi Dreamers different to other sleep consultancies is our recognition of the importance of the family unit. I will work with you to ensure that not only your child’s sleep is improved, but so that you know how to improve your own.

Diddi Dreamers Experience


I have worked in the early years field for over 6 years with numerous families. This alongside my Norland training & early years degree provides a wealth of knowledge across the early year sector.
Diddi Dreamers Personal


Diddi Dreamers is different because I work with you to create a personal plan for your family. Whilst following our gentle ethos I will communicate with you to find solutions that not only suit your family but also make you feel comfortable putting them into action.

The Gentle Approach

To Sleep

Diddi Dreamers has a gentle approach to sleep. This means that at every opportunity I provide ease & support to you and your little one. As your sleep coach I will work with you to create a plan that works around your whole family. To get the best results consistency really is key so by creating a realistic & achievable sleep plan for your lifestyle the likelihood of long term sleep improvement greatly increases.

I will never recommend a ‘cry it out’ method where you leave your baby distressed and without assistance but instead use solutions where gradual adjustments and habit stacking can create change. This does mean that results may not be as instant as other sleep coaches offer but it ensures the parent child relationship is not at risk of damage. Despite our gentle approach I cannot guarantee no crying from your child. Crying is a normal body reaction for children and is more likely to occur with change. However, I do promise that in the event your child does cry our plans always allow for you to comfort them.

I completed my Sleep training qualifications with Lyndsey Hookway, a world renowned specialist in the field who has been at the forefront of ‘the gentle sleep movement’ since she created it 20 years ago. Her books Holistic Sleep Coaching, Let’s talk about your new family’s sleep & Breastfeeding the brave are all fantastic resources for those looking for an introduction to her approach.

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