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Helping My Baby With The Clock Change

Diddi Dreamers clock change

How do I help my baby with the clock change?

As an adult many of us see the clock change as a great perk. In theory it should mean an extra hour in bed shouldn’t it? Well unfortunately for those of us with children this is not usually the case. Coming into the autumn months this has been my number 1 asked questions by parents. Many of us are unsure on what we can do to help our babies when the clocks change.

Do I have to do anything?

It’s important to note that whilst it may seem like a big deal many parents chose not to do anything at all apart from simply putting their baby to sleep an hour later the night of the change. This can work perfectly for many families. If you think it will work for your baby or child it is an easy method that’s worth doing. However, for those parents who know this will cause mayhem in their house there is a more gradual method you can use instead.

How do I adjust my baby to the clock change gradually?

Some sleep consultants may suggest a very gradual approach to this working in 15 minute intervals. However, I find that this can get a but confusing & contain too many steps. Instead I like to split the change into two 30 minute parts. I believe that this time scale is achievable and easy to remember & perform.

  1. First of all I would wake your little one up their usual time (if by some fluke they’re having a lie in)! After this carry out your morning as usual until you get to nap time (this is the same regardless of how many naps your baby is having).
  2. Put your baby or toddler down for their nap 30 minutes earlier than usual (new time). So if your baby sleeps at 10 usually instead put them down to nap at 9.30 new time. They will be tired before this and they may be a bit grouchy. To keep them up try and have a slightly less physical morning than usual & spend lots of time in the fresh air.
  3. Let them have their nap as usual.
  4. Follow this method for any other naps during the day.
  5. Then when you get to bedtime this is where the other 30 minute of the additional hour comes into play. If your child usually goes to bed at 7pm instead put them down at 6.30pm (this will be the equivalent of 7.30pm old time).
  6. I would follow this pattern for 3 days before moving back to your old timings with the new time change.

For older children who do not nap this method doesn’t work as well. I would instead suggest if they usually go to bed at 7pm to put them to bed at 6.30pm for the night of and the night following the clock change. After this point then put them to bed at new time 7pm.

Helping your baby get in a good sleep routine is a challenge for many parents especially when factoring in a clock change too! A sleep consultant will be able to provide you with a sleep plan that’s adapted to your routine. Book in your free 15 minute introductory call to hear how I can help your family with their sleep issues

Sending sweet dreams to you and your little ones



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