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My Life From A Norlander To Sleep Consultant

My Norland Journey

Taken from my recent piece written for Norland College

In this careers spotlight, Emily (Set 40) looks back at her career as a Norlander so far and how her love for supporting the whole family was central to her decision to study at Norland and in shaping her career today as a sleep consultant.

“I started studying at Norland in 2016 and am a member of Set 40. I grew up in a small village on the Polden Hills in Somerset. Having lived and worked in various locations since qualifying, I am now settled in Weston-Super-Mare with my partner. 

“My role within the Twins Trust is to host virtual Q&As with families on sleep to offer support with safe sleep, gentle sleep methods and investigate what factors could be influencing poor sleep within a family. I am a member of the charity’s Facebook parent groups, where I can answer sleep questions for those who cannot attend our Q&As. We are also planning to start offering free 1:1 sleep guidance to those families who need additional support. 

A female Norland Nany smiling in her formal uniform.

“I really do believe that Norland was the catalyst for making my life what it is today. It gave me direction, a goal and the support to become the woman I am.”

“It’s hard to pick just one highlight from my time at Norland. It is such a special place where magic really does happen. I think one of my most memorable moments was our whole set photo on the steps outside Norland’s York Place building during induction week. Being surrounded by so many like-minded people with a similar love and passion is a very special feeling. I really do believe that Norland was the catalyst for making my life what it is today. It gave me direction, a goal and the support to become the woman I am. 

“I knew that I wanted to be a Norlander since I first heard of its existence at age 12. I had attended so many open days that, by the time I was old enough to apply, many of the lecturers recognised me. I believe what attracted me most to Norland was knowing the positive impact nannies have on the whole family. To me this is what sets Norland apart.

“While our charges are always the top priority, it’s the recognition of the importance to also care for the entire family. Whether making a cake for a grandparent’s birthday or giving mummy a good luck card on her last day of work, Norland promotes the mindset that by supporting the entire family you are in turn better caring for your charges. Promoting family relationships and watching them develop is to me the most special part of working with children.

A nanny walking with two children and a dog on a country path.

“Not only did Norland provide me with the foundations of sleep through theory and practical experience but it also taught me the importance of knowledge and professionalism.”

“Following on from my Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) year, I found the most wonderful family. I worked with this family for two-and-a-half years, building relationships and sharing so many incredible milestones with them. I still regularly see my wonderful little charges (and not so little charges!) from this role and was honoured to have them attend my wedding this summer. I left this position in December 2022 to move home and focus on my sleep consultancy business (Diddi Dreamers) which I had started part-time a year prior. 

“Since then, I have been working with The Prince’s Trust which has supported me to becomeself-employed and to build my company. As this has grown, so has my urge to providesleep support to all and I am currently trying to move into offering sleep support through charities and local health services. 

“My Norland qualification has been incredibly beneficial to my career as a sleep consultant. Sleep is currently an unregulated industry where anyone can refer to themselves as a ‘sleep expert’. Not only did Norland provide me with the foundations of sleep through theory andpractical experience but it also taught me the importance of knowledge andprofessionalism. It’s because of this that I spent seven months training to a Level 6 standard in holistic sleep coaching before becoming a sleep consultant. I now know that it is because of both this additional training and my Norland degree and diploma that my clients trust me to guide them with their little ones’ sleep. 

A bride in a white wedding dress holding a child smiling

“My goals for the future have changed dramatically since creating Diddi Dreamers. I am currently trying to find an avenue into the sleep world which will enable me to provide free support to parents in need. The more time I spend supporting families with sleep the more evident it becomes to me that this service should be available to all. 

“My advice to Norland students would be to find out what you love most about working with children. Whether sleep, weaning, crafts or music, finding your passion will not only enable you to be a better nanny but also open new doors which you didn’t even know existed.”

If you’d like to know more about my life at Norland, my training or what it has lead me to today pop me a message via my website & I’d be happy to help!

Sweet Dreams,



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