Help! My Toddler Still Wakes in the Night!


For ages 18 months – 6 years

As our children grow we expect them to need our support less in the night. However, for many families they find their ‘not so little’ little ones are still waking in the night. This 11 page pdf guide outlines both why your toddler may be waking in the night & provides guidance on multiple techniques you can use to resolve this. It delves into useful products, simple tricks & sleep coaching methods which can all be used in combination to resolve your child’s night wakings.


  1. Why Does My Toddler Wake in the Night
  2. Simple Sleep Tricks to Try
  3. Methods
  4. Recommended Products
  5. When to Seek Further Help

It’s important to note that sleep issues like this sometimes require further support. If you are still after sleep support following the use of the pdf then the cost of this product can be deducted from the balance of a personalised sleep plan.