Sleep Skilfully Bespoke Package


For ages 6 months +

Are you struggling with your little ones sleep? Our Sleep skilfully bespoke package will ensure that you are provided personalised sleep help tailed to your family. We will work together to create a sleep plan that works for everyone in your home. With this package you will also receive 6 weeks of follow up support where amendments can be made to your plan if needed.


What’s does this package contain?

  • 1 hr phone consultation to discuss the proposed sleep plan and make adaptations to your preference.
  • A review of different sleep techniques to find the right techniques for your family.
  • Customised 24 hr sleep plan created.
  • Our sleep workbook including sleep tips, advise on forming positive sleep habits, sleep averages, sleep goals & advise on improving parental sleep.
  • 2 follow up calls (1hr each) to be used within 6 weeks of starting the sleep plan.


Following the purchase of this plan you will be emailed an introductory email with a sleep form attached. Once this has been completed & sent back to us we will then be able to begin working on a sleep plan for your family. Once we have created a few options tailored to your family we will then arrange your hour long consultation call to discuss our ideas with you. Following this we will pick out the methods you would like to try first & email over your sleep plan.